21 September 2009


We did get to Hobart on the weekend as we had tickets to "Suessical the Musical" which was just fantastic! We didn't do much as I didn't want to push myself so we just hung out with my gorgeous friend Kirsty and her husband Ian. We took a short walk around the docks which is one of my fave things to do in Hobart and had fish and chips on the water front.

oh and I bought a new used car that I will pick up tomorrow :)


Spiralmumma said...

Oh lovely,looks like a lovely weekend! I love fish and chips by the water. Congrats on your new car, what sort is it? Looks very spunky :)

Katt said...

oh noice little car!! i am interested in knowing what sort it is too.

i sooo gotta get down to hobart again before i am old and grey!! lol