06 October 2009

It's all uphill

Life is a struggle for me at the moment. I am living in fear of this episode taking hold and in a pretty dark place. Wading through as that is all I can do and hoping that a week of not too much to think about will help. Trying to do some work from home otherwise it all builds up and I get behind. trying to stop tears that stream, ugly thoughts and all the usual crap. kids ......gosh, they drew the short straw when it comes to parents didn't they! send some sunny energy my way if you have any to spare :)


missfee said...

sending rays of sun your way - remember to breath!!!
and that after the up there is the fun of the down with the breeze in your face whooshing your hair all around

thinking of youxxxxxxhugs

KatinSpace said...

I'm out here I'm listening and I'm sending you all the loving warm sunny smooshy vibrant super-happy energy that I have! Love Kat

chocolatetrudi said...

Hang in there, kiddo. May the clouds part and brighten your day soon.

(Lol! The word verificaton for this comment is "pantschi". I wonder what the chi of pants is, and where I can get me some.)

Char said...

((hugs)) to you hon.. i think you need a wee holiday!

c xxxxx

Elissa said...

thinking of you

Little eco footprints said...

Sending you lots of warm and happy strength :-)