19 October 2009

some catch up photos

rare moment of peace. ready for school early so they get to watch tv for 10minutes. I think Nienna thought she was going to the snow rather than school LOL

My parents new baby.... His name is Bear due to him being as big as a bear cub and also being born without a tail, thus having a 'bear' arse! he is adorable of course. Half Smithfield and half Border Collie.

Nienna and Monique at the skate park on Saturday. Matching it with the big boys on their BMX's

Beren (with Julius) in the background at the fitness playground at Royal Park.
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Katt said...

you, me, Cathy and all the kids have to catch up someday somewhere they can run riot and we can sit and knit in peace.

looks like they had fun at Royal Park.