20 November 2009

another big week

Well, this week has been another challenging one. I am still battling the strep throat and have a common old bloody cold on top of that! Returned to work on Monday to be told that I am no longer required and my position has been made redundant. Obviously this was a bit of a shock and I took a few more days off to deal with that and the cold. Went in today and am working on Monday and Tuesday to do a handover then finishing up. Today I feel ok about it. I am majorly pissed of with the decision and don't believe it is a genuine redundancy and that is what upsets me most. I think it is underhanded and not overly honest. However, it is a decision that was made, I can't really fight it and at the end of the day it saved me making a tough decision. It is a double edged sword really. As it was I had planned to return to Uni next year and study externally whilst working. now I will study on campus full time and enjoy the rest of the time with my kids. I have come full circle really and am back on the path I originally chose when coming back to Tassie. This is why it sits ok with me and I feel quite peaceful about it all.

For now, I am desperately trying to get over this illness spell and am resting and enjoying all my spare time :)


belinda said...

Sad, but I am glad that overall it fits with your plans. Good Luck with your study next year.

Kind Regards

Leah said...

You sound like you've had a really bad run but I admire your ability to make another plan and get happy about it! I hope your health is back up to par soon, and enjoy the holiday season with less on your plate! take care xoxo