21 February 2010

Festivale and Friends

My darling friends Kirsty and Ian took that scary trip north last weekend and we ventured out to Festivale. For those that don't know this is a 2.5day food and wine extravaganza. Great food and booze and adequate entertainment. I was disappointed that most of the entertainment was from the 'mainland' when we have such a wide variety of awesome musicians in this fine state. However, what we saw was great. Mind you we stuck to the multicultural stage and well away from the crap tunage at the main stage. Even the kids entertainment of the Drumming Monkeys was hilarious!




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K said...

I don't remember giving you permission to post a photo of me when I'm obviously not attempting to look slim and gorgeous. At least I could have given it my best shot anyway:) It was a great afternoon and evening; the food, wine and beer were fab, of course; the African band was really great; I enjoyed the Mexican band enormously as evidenced by the sublime sound of myself repeatedly singing La cucaracha for the next three days; and as kelli mentioned the monkey drummers were highly amusing.xx