15 March 2010

A Day in the Gardens

I had a particularly busy weekend. ON Saturday we did the Westbury thing
Then on Sunday morning I drove to Hobart early to attend this years Botanical Garden fundraiser. It was awesome. I went with the divine Ms K and Mr I who are proving to make most suitable festival partners :)
The acts were second to none and we were not disappointed at all!
First up was Let the Cat Out, if you get a chance to see these guys go for it. They are a fusion of jazz, funk and blues and just great. Hobart born and bred too and if you have followed Hobart jazz you will recognise Alistair and Randall who are in a few of the bands around town.
Mr Percival was up next and he leaves me speechless! He is talented beyond belief and I had never seen anything like it. He uses recorders of some sort to create loops of his voice and he sounds like he has a full band with backing vocals, fantastic! I think I may have a teensy crush LOL

A Band of Brothers were next who Slava Grigoryan and his brother plus two other guys. I have liked the Grigoryans for ages and they haven't changed, beautiful guitar playing to lay in the sun sipping wine to.

Ash Grunwald
didn't disappoint either and he managed to get the majority of the 1800 people there up and grooving, well his drummer did anyway LOL
Bertie Blackman was full of energy. I haven't listened to much of her stuff but did recognise a few tunes from JJJ and liked her.

Lastly was CW Stoneking. This guy is great! I could have listened to him for a lot longer just for his droll voice and imaginative story telling. A fabulous day and well worth the mere $48 to get in.

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