29 May 2010


Beren finished up at school yesterday. He wrote a 30 page book for the class and a card, to remember him by. He also gave everyone a chupachup. they made a lovely card for him with some photos on it of the class. When we got home he had a melt down and a big cry. He said he will miss school but is glad to not be going any more. Bitter sweet goodbyes for my boy :)

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Jamie said...

Wow Kelli! This is amazing!
There will be up's and down's but I know you guys are going to do just great. :)

Spiralmumma said...

Aww bittersweet indeed. I'm sure he (& you) has mixed feelings, but I really admire how you are meeting the needs of both kids in different ways, one by going to school and the other by homeschooling. That is so awesome and Im sure it will be a positive experience for all of you. :)