16 May 2010

that roller coaster of life

It has been a strange couple of weeks. I think we are all really tired, actually I know we are. The school terms here are long as they only have 3 per year so the kids are ratshit at the moment. Both are battling croupy coughs and suffering multiple meltdowns.
Next term Beren starts homeschooling but Nienna has opted to stay at school, she is the social butterfly and wouldn't get nearly enough social attention at home LOL Beren is counting the days as he has not really settled into school this year at all and has been quite miserable. I am waiting to hear back from THEAC for approval of my registration and then we can get the ball rolling. You need to be registered in Tas to HS and we will have to have a home visit and interview too.
I had another meltdown the other week too, so meds have been doubled and I am seeing a psychologist. She is hopeful that we will have some success in managing the depression and anxiety with a treatment called ACT It is a relatively new therapy offered as an alternative to CBT which I am not all that responsive to.
Other than that things have been their usual chaotic self around here. I have finally finished my last essay for this semester and will hand it in tomorrow. Should be getting two essays back this week hopefully. Then it will be time to get organised for exams. Already starting to freak a bit about those!!
The kids have been funny, Beren is developing a really warped sense of humour of which I am immensely pleased about LOL and he is becomer a real thinker. The other night we had an interesting discussion about god. He said he was having some worries about when he becomes the 'sixer' (eldest in the group) that he will have to say a short prayer when putting up the flag and that he couldn't do that if he didn't believe in god. I asked him why not and he couldn't really say, just quoting stuff that was straight out of his fathers mouth. I said that it was great that he was considering his fathers POV but he needed to have both sides of the story to make a decision and can't let someone else make the decision for you when it comes to faith. I quizzed him on creation and he talked about evolution etc and then said that everything came from amoebae so I asked how the amoeba came to be...LOL He paused for awhile and then said in a shocked voice "oh boy! god must exist then!". Food for thought for him and an interesting insight into the way he thinks. Nienna on the other hand says she believes in god and jesus cos jesus was lovely LOL
Today I created two new blogs. I have been enjoying taking photos when I am out and about so I decided to have a seperate blog just for photos and nothing else. At the same time I thought I would do a blog for the kids and helped them create one. I had it in mind for homeschooling anyway and thought it would be good to put their photos up too but they are also keen to write as well so we will see how that goes. Anyway if you would like to take a look the links are to the right in the side bar.

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