17 June 2010

Home ed easy style

Our first project of sorts.

We went to the Launceston Home ed group on Wednesday and the theme was 'different countries'. They asked every one to bring something for afternoon tea from another countrie. Beren googled recipes from Africa but couldn't find anything suitable so he then opted for Canada. He made a Canadian flag and wrote the recipe on the back and we baked the Canadian Raisin Tarts.

Very easy recipe, very nice and oh my goddess talk about sweet! I am planning on experimenting with this recipe to use less sugar and a biscuit base instead of pastry.

Ingredients were:
1c brown sugar
1c hot water
1c raisins
juice of one lemon
2tbs flour
2 sheets of pastry
Preheat the oven to 230C. In a pan, mix together, mixing well after every addition, the brown sugar, the flour, the salt, the raisins, the very warm water and the juice of lemon.

Cook until thickening stirring non-stop.

Let cool before pouring into one cooked pastry.

Cover with the remaining pastry.

Cook in the preheated oven, at least 35 minutes.

I found it didn't need 35 minutes and I didn't pre cook the pastry either.




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