22 August 2010

Tis the small things

People, including myself often overlook the small things in the search for the bigger stuff. Whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual we all want fulfilment at some time and seem to focus on looking for some huge cause of this fulfilment.

I know I am guilty of this all the time and often lament the lack of 'things' in my life, when most probably I have plenty that I am simply overlooking.

This past week or so I have been reminded often that the small things matter. The first reminder was a fortnight ago, I took Nienna and her friend J to a local market. While there I was chatting to a lady who had a quilting stall, she was offering advise for some problems I was having with a quilt I am making. As it happened we also ran into Deb, Beren's old cub leader and had a quick hello and continued on our way. The next day I got an email from Deb asking if she could come over and help me as she had heard I was having some problems. This blew me away, as I don't know Deb overly well and the gesture on her behalf was just so lovely. It restored my faith in human kind and humbled me. She came over the next weekend and spent an hour or so here and we chatted and laughed and I now have an extra friend to add to my somewhat small list :)

The next testament to the small things is from Beren. This week I took him to buy some jeans. Now who would think that a simple pair of jeans could make a boy so so happy. He is chuffed, he feels very trendy and grown up having jeans and it has meant a lot to him. As they needed to be pre-washed today is the first day he has worn them and it is so funny watching him look at his reflection, adjust the cuffs and belt etc Such a simple thing with such a huge effect.

Lastly are two for Nienna. The first is that she lost her first top front tooth yesterday and a visit from the tooth fairy ensued. I am sure those that take part in this practice will understand how delightful it is to watch an excited child checking to see if the tooth fairy came or not. AND surprising enough she actually remembered to come last night. Such excitement is contagious and just beautiful.

Secondly, today was pocket money day so as Nienna had cash to burn she requested a trip to the supermarket. Yes, a strange request I know but she has been eyeing off a note book in the stationary section for some time. As it turned out we got there and she was $2 short. I explained that she didn't have enough so she could either get a smaller one or wait until next fortnight (or tooth). An older lady was near us and listening to the dialogue and came up to Nienna and handed her $2 so she could get her notebook. I thought Nienna was going to cry she was so surprised and happy and as the lady walked away Nienna said "next time I see that lady I am going to give her $2". Now I have mixed feelings on this as I like to teach my children the value of money and that you can't have everything you want etc (you know the drill), but it was a beautiful gesture of generosity and Nienna really was appreciative of it and the lady went away feeling really good too, so smiles all around.

So, I am going to keep valuing the small things such as the fact that it may be freezing today but gee the sunshine is glorious :) and there is enough of a breeze to take the kids kite flying.

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