03 September 2010

day of indulging

Today is Nienna's last day at school, she will be climbing over to the greener pastures of home ed :) This has been a big decision for her because she is very social and loves being at school with her friends. She has given a commitment to one term and will re-assess the situation in the new year. Very mature of her I think.
So we have cupcakes for the class this afternoon. No mean feat when you can barely move I must say. My neck has a misalignment and inflamed muscles (I have no idea how) and is extremely painful, although somewhat dulled with the help of lots of pain relief.


My indulgence was a surprise visit from the postie bringing me this parcel of goodies. I swear I just burst into tears when I opened it. the lovely Charlotte and Andrea sent me a birthday parcel (not due until the 8th) and it had some lovely felt goodies, a dye kit and some smellypens for the little people. SO beautiful and thoughtful, I am feeling very loved.

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