07 September 2010

I play, you play, WE PLAY



It is school holidays in Tasmania at the moment. Our state libraries offer holiday activities that are generally pretty good with a theme for the duration of the holidays. These holidays we are travelling the world. Yesterday we made shoe box dioramas with pictures from Canada.
Today we went to the local library and made carnivale masks from Venice. These open up discussions about the country being done as well as other countries. We are looking forward to the next one which I believe is a sun plaque from Peru.

This meme is hosted by childhood101.com that has some fabulous posts about learning through play. Something I am a strong advocate of

We Play


amandab said...

Those are some awesome masks, and it sounds like your library program is great. Our next holiday program looks a bit all over the place, but as Princess has decided that Story Time is "boring" I am going to deny her Holiday program privileges. Let the kids who treat the library with respect go, I say! :)

Philippa, Neevah and Liam said...

the masks are really cool! you must have a great library program :)

katepickle said...

Oh these look fab! Gotta love library sessions... always something good for the kids to do!

Marita said...

They look really fantastic. I'm looking forward to our library sessions these school holidays. They are so popular now we have to book tickets. We are going to see a cow being milked - got the last two tickets, they had sold out 3 weeks before holidays even began! Also going to a movie night in the library which will be fun, my girls don't often get out at night time.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

What fantastic masks, gorgeous. We love our local library program as well.

Thanks for linking up :)