05 September 2010

Sundays in My city

Royal Park, Launceston

Just want to add for those not in Australia that Launceston is the 2nd biggest city in Tasmania. This is the island state to the south of the mainland. Launceston is situated in the North of the state, inland and in a valley that has a river running through it.

Unknown Mami


Unknown Mami said...

I like all of the pictures, but the second one is my favorite.

Sonya said...

I too am loving that second shot!!!

BLOGitse said...

I wonder where Launceston is because I know only a few big cities in Australia... :)
I miss big, clean parks...to enjoy fresh air...oh, but we can't have everything.
Have a good week ahead!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Someday I hope to get to Australia. It looks beautiful.
Happy SIMC, jj