16 October 2010

cutting it fine

for today's post, nearly blew my blogtoberfest 2010.  PHEW!!!! 
Tonight we shared dinner with friends.  I took the kids meal and dessert and my friend made yummy curried prawns for us.  I love spending time with Mrs P,  I feel the positive energy flow from her to me and feel refreshed and renewed after time spent together.  I find it very easy to speak with her and I love that I can truly be myself and know that I am accepted.  We had an interesting chat about spiritual stuff, she is a Mormon and I must admit this stream of religion intrigues me.  Anyway, it reminded me of my teen years spent at a catholic boarding school.  I was involved with a catholic youth group called ANTIOCH (yes I know, me churchy and all that!! what a shock! LOL).  I remember doing a talk on a retreat and using this song for 'my song' and thought I would share it.

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Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

LOVE THAT SONG>... and wow did Neil look YOUNG....