29 October 2010

frugal friday - water bottles

Spend the money!!  Buy good quality, reusable bottles.  SIGG are great but expensive (especially if they will be lost stolen), there is another brand now being sold online or at various stores called Cheeki.  I bought one of these for Nienna the other day and they are just like SIGG but loads cheaper ($14) and come in a great range of sizes and colours.  These have no inner BPA linings which is the important thing.  they last longer that those horrible plastic ones from the supermarket, don't get chewed on or that grotty horrible mildew stuff around the mouth piece.

 If you want filtered water in your water bottle then invest in a tap filter.  They are not that expensive nowadays.  I have had mine for 9yrs and I buy the filters that last 12mths and filter EVERYTHING including flouride.  You will never have to buy your water again!

I carry a cask of water in the boot of the car or extra large stainless bottles so I don't need to buy bottled water when out and for a long day and we are likely to run out.  Simply just need to do refills rather than re-buys.

All these hints save you money, is better for your health and that of your little ones and even better it saves on packaging and horrible plastics.

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Christie said...

Great tip, bottled water is wrong on so many levels!
I have linked up with my thrifty tip and I'll have to have a look around your blog, first time here :)

Naomi said...

I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for but it is the only type of frugal blog post I have done - I think I need to follow your example and get a little more frugal :)

I have bottles of water all over the place so we don't have to buy it when we go out - always in the car - it really is a waste of money getting at the shops.

Naomi said...

by the way - sorry I did not link it back to you as it is such an old post - the next time I write one I will link to you for sure!

wacki04 said...

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Show Me Mama said...

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Have a great weekend

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

HMMM think I linked but didn't have a frugal blog today. :o( Will keep in mind but LOVE YOUR BLOG and I follow your every post.

fairchildstreet said...

We definitely don't buy bottled water. My frugalness is I make my cushion covers from material from remnant tables and do some small DIY projects to save money. Charmaine

fairchildstreet said...

PS. I will be better prepared next week for Frugal Friday. Charmaine

Colie's Kitchen said...

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Jamie said...

Hey K,
I bought new water bottle recently. We didn't want aluminium and didn't want any that had a coating. Oh, and we also wanted a cute pattern!
I ended up buying Ewan bottles from http://www.cheapgear.ca/
They ended up being posted from within Australia so postage was only $5 and they came within a couple of days.
I got pink with heart for DD, black with stars for DS1, blue with dots for DS2, crossword puzzle for me and the 'chest x-ray' looking one for DH the radiographer. They come with screw tops, but I also got us a sports cap each.

Tiffany Christie said...

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Cricket said...

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