01 October 2010

Tis October

 Okay so I have made the commitment to blog EVERY DAY for blogtoberfest 2010.   I wonder if I am up to it, can I crap on every day for a whole month?  I figure if all else fails I can just post a photo, I have plenty of those!

For today though I want to share the following memo:

TO:  Mr Bosch
FROM: Kelli

I was more than happy with my old top loader machine, however it was starting to show it's ten years and complained often of sore joints and dizziness,.  Thus, it began to refuse to agitate (well I became agitated) and it stopped spinning, due to afore mentioned dizziness. 

This was when I did what any sane female does when a male is not performing up to scratch........... I dumped him!  Mr Hoover was exit right!

I didn't know if I would come across a new Mr right soon enough but once I started looking it didn't take long.  Our gazes met across a sea of whitegoods and I just knew you were the one for me.  Not only were you the right size you also came with energy saving qualities, several wash options AND you love kids! .  What more could a single mother of two very grotty children ask for!

The relationship has taken off and I can see why others like front loaders, you wash so darn well and use such a small amount of water.  I have to say I can't help but smile when I look at you and your work.  However, I am a girl of simple needs and was always satisfied after a 50minute cycle, particular if I wanted to go a few times.  However your 90+ cycle is exhausting me.  You just go and go and I really don't need it.  Now it is probably just me and I will have to be more organised,  I mean if i want the satisfaction at the end of the load I have to wait for it don't I!

Oh Mr Bosch, I hope I haven't hurt your feelings too much, I do love you.



belinda said...


It took me quite a while to get used to the whole, it take 3 times as long side of a front loader.. I sure wouldn't survive with the short cycle some days but overall I decided the results are worth the requirement to be organised.

Kind Regards

Unknown Mami said...

He likes to take his time, I guess. I'm jealous. I want a front loader.