11 November 2010

The perks of motherhood

I seem to be caught up in a whirlwind at the moment as we take off on our aspie journey and learn all that it involves.  It is easy to forget the simple pleasures, so I thought I would remind myself of them today.

Those moments when your children look you in the eye and tell you they love you
When Beren tells me I am the best of everything
Nienna says her best friend likes 'camarel topping' (who am I to question her pronunciation when it is so cute).
Nienna telling my mum she must be around 500 years old!
Listening to their chatter and mostly hilarious conversations when they think I can't hear.
Cuddles and conversation at night when we are all in bed together.
Watching them work together on a project.
Teaching them something new and watch them 'get it' and light up totally.
The smell of their hair and their beautiful warm breath.
Their toes
Their little hands when it reaches up to hold mine.
butterfly kisses.

These are things I need to remember on those dark days, when the mere thought of getting up and parenting for the day is almost too much.

Part of motherheart with Naomi


Being Me said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely post!

And your new bloggy background is super cute :) Have a good weekend. xo

cjtato said...

Some days it's all too easy to overlook the small stuff that can make us happy. I awwed and ahhed at each one of yours. :D

Naomi said...

lovely post - love the little gifts you have discovered throughout the day - so love the 500 year old quote!

Mostly Diane said...

Beautiful. It is amazing how many little pleasures our little ones bring.