14 January 2011

so much sadness and death

I am feeling so overloaded with grief and worry at the moment and I am not even flood threatened.  So many lives lost world wide in floods this past week.  Not just Australia but Sri Lanka, Phillipines and Brazil, infact these last three make our floods look like puddles.

It is really like re-living the Victorian bushfires, not knowing if all your loved ones are safe and feeling so damn helpless.  Listening to the news on the radio is addictive yet I feel so guilty of voyeurism in a way, I need to know what is happening but only slightly more than I want to just bury myself in my doona and pretend it all away.

somehow, I think the worse is to come with the clean up.  When people finally get into their homes and assess the damage and have time to be in shock.  My heart truly goes out.  Anna Bligh, the premier of QLD has done an amazing job, she has surpassed our prime minister in my opinion and I think I have heard others whisper the same.  I also have a new respect for  Kevid Rudd as I watched him cart suitcases of belongings out of student accommodation  for absent students (I hope he wasn't looting :P).

There is one thing that stands out in Australia and that is that tragedy really does bring us together.  We will jump in and just 'do'.
Now if you can do, please help out by donating to the flood relief appeal.  Don't respond to door-knockers and such as their are, very sadly, scammers out and about but click on the picture below or donate at your local supermarket checkout.  Every little bit helps!


Annette said...

Well said kebeni!!

ClaireyH said...

i usually read your posts in my reader, but clicked from my blogroll and find your blog is all colourful and swish. Love it.

Meanwhile, the floods are hitting us here too, most of my family wont make it to my daughters birthday tomorrow, flooded in...in country Victoria.

Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

Well said :O)