23 February 2011

home made butter - THE tutorial

We have been making our own butter for a couple of weeks now.  It is sooooo easy and sooooooo much tastier than bought stuff.  I am not sure of the cost comparison so will work that out next time I make it.  The last two batches have been super cheap though as I scored four 375ml cartons of cream marked down to $1.30 each and froze one.  I wasn't sure if freezing would be okay but I made a batch last night and it worked fine and tastes fine, so that is a bonus.

I thought I would share with you how we go about it.

Step one
Put 375ml (or less) of pure runny cream (no gelatine added) into a breakproof container with a couple of marbles.   I use an easiyo container with pouring lid but any similar sized container would do.  You need it to have a wide opening though, to get the butter out.

Step Two

Make sure lid is on securely and shake like made.  When it gets to that point point where it is super thick and you think it won't shake any more, KEEP GOING!  It is almost done.  

It will start to sound runny again, which means the butter milk and solids have separated.  Shake for a bit more to make sure all the butter solids have come together and aren't too gluggy.  See picture below.

Step Three
Pour off butter milk.  I find this is the easiest way but you could use a colander very gently.  Once you have poured off the excess then for butter into a ball and rinse under cold water to get any more milk off.  This helps to prevent the butter going rancid.

Step Four
Once all the butter milk has been poured off and rinsed, tip butter onto clean work area and knead for a little while (like a dough).  This helps get any more butter milk out and brings it all together.  You can add a sprinkle of salt at this stage too as it helps it keep better.

Step Five
I have tried this without butter paddles and it is a pain.  I picked mine up from ebay super cheap and they are actual antique ones that were used by the sellers grandma, such a nice thought that we are continuing a tradition for someone.
This is the step where you bring it into shape.  You can do butter curls and fancy shapes but we just put this into a brick shape as it had softened due to the warm room.

There you have it.  So nice and easy!! A great activity for kids and what is better than eating your very own butter.  Especially if you have it with home made bread and jam!


ClaireyH said...

And might be good for my wobbly arms too, all that shaking!

Happy Elf Mom said...

We just use a plastic peanut butter jar and shake. We didn't use marbles at all and it still worked. Hm. :)

Jamie said...

I do mine with my Kitchen Aid (I'm lazy!)
The recipe I use says to rinse the butter to make sure you get all the buttermilk out so the butter doesn't go rancid. Probably not a problem if you are going to use your butter up quickly (I cooked with my last batch which was unrinsed and have survived LOL, but may be something to consider if you don't use much butter??

Kebeni said...

Jamie, I did rinse it, just forgot that step. THanks for the reminder

Hosted BES said...

That was a helpful post!

Naomi said...

Love this - I so have to try this some time. Naomi x