28 March 2011

Home ed in Egypt

well not exactly in Egypt, but we have been absorbed with Egypt these last few weeks.  We have mummified a chicken (an on going project) and we have been doing loads of reading, work sheets and puzzles to learn about ancient Egypt.

Our chicken project is due for it's second stage next week.   I will be sure to take some pictures this time to share.  We got the idea from this website if you would like to try this yourself.  If the idea of using a chicken is too much for you then you can use an apple.

Last week we did some craft and Beren started making a Pharaohs mask, while Nienna chose to make a neck adornment and bracelet.  We used gold and silver cardboard which was great as we could trace outlines onto the coloured side and make indents.  They decorated them by gluing beads onto them.

We will finish these off later this week as I want to do some work on Tasmanian convicts before visiting the convict cemetery on Wednesday.

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Dimple said...

And Egypt was much in the news not that long ago...
The mask and adornments are beautiful!

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