14 March 2011

Something had to give.

and it was uni.  I have come to realise now is not my time.  I cannot manage everything and I guess I don't have to manage everything.  I am so good at giving advise and placating those who feel overwhelmed or stressed but rarely do I heed my own words.
I am grieving, as weird as it sounds and feel like I have failed.  Even though I know I haven't and should give myself a good hard slap for thinking so!

Anyway, today I knew I shouldn't be alone and I also knew someone who should be having some time out so I called her and collected her and we had a gorgeous day at Evandale.  FOr those not in Tassie, Evandale is a historic little village south of Launceston.  It hosts the Pennyfarthing championships every year and also a major art exhibit/competition called The Glover Prize annually.  We went and checked out the paintings and were not disappointed, there was some seriously good stuff there!  At least half had sold (for large $$$$) and the rest I have no doubt will sell before the exhibit ends, well maybe not the $30k piece but you never know!   I voted for a gorgeous pencil drawing for my people's choice and I must admit I wasn't overly taken with the winner this year.

We had devonshire tea afterwards then took a stroll around the village.  Ooohing at the most expensive shop in the world, aaaahing at the antique place with an owner who would have made Prue n Trude proud (oim sure she goes to Noosaaaa every year!) and admiring all the gorgeous old houses.  I even took loads of photos for the first time in ages.

I came home feeling much calmer and replenished and ready to face another busy week.

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Freya said...


You are perfect in every moment - don't feel you have failed, because you tried and that is infinitely better than not trying.

Trying in itself is courageous, but even more courageous is seeing the need to let it go and doing it!

Love to you and yours,