12 April 2011

Egyptian studies

We have been learning about Ancient Egypt for the past few weeks.  Nienna has had a long running fascination with the topic and Beren also enjoyed learning.  We read a lot of books and looked at some great websites including one that converts english text into heiroglyphics
We have finished up now except for our mummy project that still has a few more weeks to go.

Beren made this pharoah mask with gold card and beads

Nienna chose a breast plate like Cleopatra

 This is the chicken bagged up and ready to have it's salt changed.  We packed it and left it for six weeks.

You can see that it is starting to dry out.  The salt was totally soaked and lots of liquid sat in the bottom of the bag.  It didn't smell as bad as I had anticipated.
We brushed off the old salt then repacked it in a new bag with fresh salt

All packed up and sealed again ready to be reopened in another six weeks.   


Leah said...

The chicken is such a good idea!! Love the stuff they've been making, very cool.

CrankyMum- said...

Very cool .

hahah love that my verification word is twitt . Insulted ! lol

mummabare said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out haha! Awesomeness :)