07 June 2011

The house my great, great, great grandfather built

I am tracing my family history.  This is slow but oh so fascinating!  I love history so to blend the history of white settlement in Australia with my own family makes me like a pig in the proverbial!

On Friday I took some me time and went to Oatlands to see what I could see!  My mother's father's family originally settled there before moving on to other parts of Tasmania.

I struck up a conversation with a lady at the Catholic cemetery who told me of two houses that Charles Ellen had built in Oatlands and I was quite excited to see that they are still standing and have been renovated but tastefully so.   Apparently the lady who had one of the renovated found a note left by Charles in the wall saying he had built the house!

He is also mentioned in the history of St James Church at Jericho as he did all the timber work for the rebuilding of the church in 1888.

I am loving this new hobby and will start working on a new blog to document my progress very soon.

Althought it says "built by George Aitcheson" he was the owner and Charles actually did the building!

I would love to get the opportunity to see inside this church.  I don't think it actually functions as a church any longer though.

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Leah - Bogue Living said...

That's really awesome :) My mum has done some research but since they immigrated visiting the scene of the crime is a lot harder! I would love to hear more and get me motivated to get together with my Mum about it.