28 August 2011

Sunday in my City - family

I went to Oatlands this weekend with my mum.  As some of you know I am hooked on genealogy and have been tracing my ancestry.  Lately I have been concentrating on my mum's father's side.  The ELLEN family.  
As such, the first of the family to touch the shores of Australia was Charles Ellen who settled in Oatlands, Tasmania.  
We not only spent the weekend in Oatlands BUT we also stayed in a cottage that was BUILT BY HIM!!!!
I was beside myself with nostalgic emotions.

 This is Callington Mill, a recently restored mill that is working.

 Jenny Wren cottage.  This house was originally a four room design and owned by a Mr George Aitchison.  It was built by my great, great, great grandfather and he also rented it for some time.

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Sif said...

Oh wow! I really love stuff that like - connecting with history so directly! Awesome!

Miss Mandy said...

It's really great reading back on your family history and knowing you belong. I hope you find many wonderful stories.

Unknown Mami said...

Not only is the place beautiful, but your connection to it is amazing.

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE every single thing you showed in this post today. Everything!

Bel said...

Oh my wow that is a beautiful building! I can't imagine having such a link to a place, a time... I'm fascinated by your ability to trace your ancestry like this. xx

Samala said...

that is so cool Kelli! I LOVE Oatlands! Its amazing (but so sadly empty). How wonderful you got to stay in his house <3