16 September 2011

i am so very lucky

to have such wonderful kids.  I was watching a child in a shop throw the biggest wobbly the other and not coping with being told he couldn't do something.  I know that I don't know the background of the family etc but I witnessed the event from start to finish and realised just how lucky I am.

My kids rarely throw wobblies, Beren does have the odd melt down but a plain wobbly rarely happens.

We get tears from petty arguments and tears from the odd strike against each other but on a whole they are the best of playmates and travel on the same wavelength most of the time.

We talk about appropriate behaviour a lot and we have 'supermarket rules'.  From when they were little I explained what behaviour was appropriate in the supermarket (we all know how horrendous a trip to the shops with little ones can be) and what I expected.  These soon became known as supermarket rules and even now if we are somewhere that the same behaviour is expected I will let them know that supermarket rules apply and they know what I mean and rarely do they not act in the manner required.

They are kind to others and mostly to each other, they both have a pretty warped sense of humour which certainly makes life in this family much easier!

They love discussions and are open to new ideas and theories.  Their knowledge astounds me at times and I wonder how they get so smart.

They are unique and they tend to not worry what others will think of them.  Nienna will happily wear three skirts and a pair of gumboots as an outfit and wear it proudly. Beren, still loves to be a nudey bum!

They love me dearly and let me know this continually through the day and I love them back fiercely.

Last night they set a beautiful candle lit table for dinner

This morning Nienna presented me with this beautiful picture, compete with card attached.

This says:  To mum, I love you.  Thank you for making us and for providing food for us. We love you....

Isn't he handsome!

The three of us, oh that is Sheridan by the way!

Putting on our best duck face poses!

 Joining it on things I know


Mrs Woog said...

You are a lucky mumma x

Kate Sins said...

I love the idea of supermarket behaviour. My kids are well-behaved but there's always room for improvement... i'm going to try this.
Happy weekend :)

shae said...

very lucky indeed!

I have a wobbly chucker ;)

Nic said...

How beautiful are your kids! I love the "thank you for making us...." part the best. I too have a wobbly chucker.