25 April 2012

Anzac Day 2012

Nienna marched this year as a Girl Guide.  Beren and I watched from the side lines and took photos.

They do things like this big in Bridport, BIG carols, BIG bike races, BIG swimming races, BIG ANZAC day.

I haven't been to an ANZAC Day ceremony since I was at primary school and trust me that is about four wars ago.  It is before they really acknowledged the Vietnam Veterans, let alone any one else.

As I sat through the hour service and listened I noticed things have changed a little.  Less emphasis on war and more on peace, which I liked.

I also noticed that since researching my family history and finding ancestors who went to war I gave it more thought.  It seemed closer to me.

That is saying something as I haven't been a big supporter of this day in the past.  Yet today I thought not about celebrating wars of past, or how I am free to think because of wars of past.  But of those who have died due to a senseless activity.  Of those who will die because of a senseless activity.  Of those who die because of someone else's war.  Of those who die because of politics and vote scorers.

I thought of those caught up in the ripples caused by one soldier going to war.  And even though I hope that the youth to come will be saved from war I know it won't be so, so I give a thought to those little ones standing and shuffling their feet today.  Because so many remembered nowadays aren't even fighting for our country, but for someone else.

So, after today my thoughts on ANZAC day have changed somewhat.  I have always been respectful but now I will also stop and think for a moment or two.

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