27 April 2012

lunch time!

What do you do for lunch?

I swear it was easier to do lunch when kids went to regular school.  You just made them a lunch box and when it came time for them to eat you were no where nearby for them to complain for have an opinion LOL
Now they ask for stuff, how rude!  Oh and I can't escape so they can complain to me.

Usuals for us are:

Toasties- beanz, cheese, ham, mushroom, tomato, left overs.   Whichever way you look at it they are a good standby but OH MY GOD How I am tired of them!
Left overs - these are good because they are different all the time, unless of course I do too much and we I eat them for days on end.
French toast - usually done with pesto and tomato on top.
Soup - I try to have home made but occasionally it is cup-a-soup.  Home brand because it is the only one that doesn't have MSG!
Noodles - those plain quick cook egg noodles, Nienna loves them with salt and pepper and butter or with tin tomato tuna.
Savoury scrolls - scone dough with ham, cheese etc inside, roll up swiss roll style and bake.
Party pies or sausage rolls- if I see them at the supermarket on sale I will often stick them in the freezer.
Wraps - those mountain bread ones with cold meat and salad
Flat pizza - Leb bread with bits inside, fold in half and microwave for one minute.
Green eggs - omelette with pesto whisked thru
Platter - home made hommous, biscuits, olives, dates, cheese etc

pea soup

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