24 May 2012

food chains

and I don't mean the kind where small things get eaten by bigger things!

I mean the ones where you don't waste food by throwing it out.  You kind of refashion the dish LOL

I have been attempting to do this lately and have managed  it twice this week.

I made a slow cooker stew the other day with heaps of veg, some scrappy lamb ribs ideal for soup bones and split pea and lentils.  A yummy stew but super thick by the next day.  Soooo.  I put the left overs (with out bones) in the fry pan and fried it up with extra peas, chopped up roast veg from a previous night, curry, cumin and coriander.  Let it cool and wrapped the mix in pastry and shallow fried in coconut oil.  Brilliant if I must say so and a hit with the small people.

Second dish I did was ice-cream.  I had made some black berry sorbet a couple of weeks ago but the kids had lost interest in it, rather than throw it out I thought I would give it a new look!   I made a quick ice-cream custard base and proceeded to make a vanilla ice-cream.  Once it was mixing in the ice-cream maker I poured the slightly melted sorbet in and let it mix through. YUMMO!   Told the kids I had made them some new ice-cream and now I am NUMERO UNO!!

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