06 May 2012

Those awesome cookie pinatas

A friend pinned these and as soon as I saw them I was in love.  They are so colourful and fun and I figured they would make a unique party bag filler.   I got the tutorial from here but I despite having close to 40 cookie cutter ( yes I know) I didn't have a donkey so settled for a large heart.
I didn't use the recipe on the above site but did follow the construction pretty much as they did it.
The recipe I prefer is from allrecipes and I have found over the time that using a cheap plain flour works best (not a strong flour!) and stick the dough in the fridge!!
You will find you want to just get on with it but it will hold together much better when it is really cold.  I cut my slices into one inch thickness then in half and rolled them until I could fit the heart cutter on them.
Don't try and cut before baking or they will bake to different sizes and not match up when it comes to putting the pinata together.
With the left over dough I cut out the star cookies.

Have fun, these are really easy just a bit time consuming.

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