22 June 2012

Things I know

Joining Dorothy at Singular Insanity for the first time.
Things I know are few and yet many.
Depends where I am on the rollercoaster.
As a recently rediagnosed psycho (AKA bi-polaroid) I know that the goal posts have moved for me.
What I always thought of as 'good times' because I wasn't depressed are now actually the other end of the extreme and are actually mania.
Which also isn't that good.
What I do want to know is if the bad times are depression or mania will I ever have good times??


Dorothy Krajewski said...

Isn't it great to have an answer though? And hopefully a treatment plan?

I tried to convince my psych that I had Bipolar, because I felt so shit and so up and down. But my mood cycles were too frequent and too short.

So she convinced me that I didn't, I had something else. So at least we worked out a management plan.

You will figure it out. I promise.

Thanks for linking up this week :)

tankgirl said...

A thing I know... You are doing an awesome job! And another thing I know ... I really admire you for it x

Claireyhewitt said...

THere has to be good times, with or without a label, they can still be good times, however brief.

Kebeni said...

thanks for the lovely comments *sniff*