13 July 2012

How do you see things?

For me it depends what lens I have in my bipolaroids really LOL

Mostly I am fair to middling of late and have been able to cope with the daily shit thrown at me.

One thing I do know is that since going off all meds I am feeling shit loads better than before.  I know that my day doesn't start with a feeling of desperation and anxiety.  I know that has a knock on effect to how I parent, friend and exist.  The choices I make and what I do.  I also know that the pain levels I live with are reduced and I suspect that is because stress levels are reduced.

Another thing I know is that I am so very lucky to have made it thus far in life.  It is because I have two awesome kids who need me and I them that I am here.

Some other things I know today is that:
* the sun is mocking me, it will rain again today, probably after I finish work this morning.
* I am not feeling tired which is really unusual. I have been awake at 7ish lately and raring to go.
*Facebook really doesn't have a clue who my "friends I may know are"

What do you know?


AParentingLife said...

Great things to know! Lovely to hear that you are feeling so positive about life as a whole. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

Rachel @ TheKidsAreAllRight said...

I know I enjoy reading your blog. I have no experience with bipolar and I like having insights into people's lives. I like the way you put things too.

Yvette said...

i know that cake looks delicious!

Dorothy @ Singular Insanity said...

Meds really drive me batty. Took me ages to work out the right combination and now it looks like I may have to change again. I'm glad you're doing well without yours, sometimes it's hard to know what is you and what is the meds....

Thanks for linking up for Things I Know this week!

Grace said...

I know that the more I read your blog, the more I want to know more about you. Glad to hear you're doing well without the meds.

musicalmummy76 said...

i haven't read all of your blog yet but that's great going off meds makes you feel so good