19 July 2012

Reasons to be thankful

Today I am late writing my post but I am definitely not feeling less than thankful.
We were out with our home ed group today.  We usually meet every Wednesday for an activity or just a play.

We met today because one of the mums has 'contacts' in the education department, thus we get access to many shows/workshops etc that the state run schools do.
Our mission for today.............   Attend a Terrapin Puppet Theatre production of  Sleeping Horses Lie at Invermay Primary School.

I love being part of a home ed group as it opens up our network of contacts 100's of times over.  Not only do we get to meet and hang out with some great families but we get to access so many fabulous events, learn so many more skills and increase our home ed fun!

However,  today especially reminded me of why I am so thankful I am able to educate my kids at home.  Here they are able to express themselves, feel safe, listened to and included.  It was interesting watching the interactions between the teachers and students at the school today.  Mostly though, I was saddened and I must admit watching a couple of interactions my blood boiled quite rapidly at times!

Yes, school works for many people but oh boy am I thankful we have an alternate option at our hands :)

Oh and if you get an opportunity to see this production I highly recommend it, it was AWESOME!

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katesaysstuff said...

Sounds like an excellent day :)