01 August 2012

End 7

End 7  is a project that is aiming to END 7 tropical diseases by 2020.  This is pretty easy to do.  it just takes 50c per person to provide the tablets for a child each year.  
That's all!!!
What are NTD's they are simply put, Neglected Tropical Diseases.

The End 7 website state:
"NTDs are tied to nearly every major global health issue we face today – water, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, maternal/child health, to name a few – and impact many socio-economic issues, such as the success of programs to improve education, women and girls’ empowerment and economic development.
These diseases disable and debilitate their victims, keeping children out of school and preventing parents from working. They take away any chance that families have of lifting themselves out of poverty.
As a group, NTDs impose a health burden that rivals that malaria, tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS. Schistosomiasis, one of the seven leading NTDs, causes nearly 300,000 fatalities each year, making it the second leading parasitic killer in the world after malaria.
While it’s hard to ignore the huge impact NTDs have on people’s lives, NTDs are not well known diseases. Similarly, few people know just how simple their solution is.  Since most medicines that treat NTDs are donated by major drug companies, the cost to treat and eventually eliminate these diseases averages 50 cents per person, per year.
We fight these diseases because of the horrific impact that they have on poor communities, and because we know they can be beaten by the end of this decade."

So, how can you help??
1.  watch the dvd and share it as widely as you can.
2. blog about END7
3. facebook and tweet it out loud!!
4. donate!

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