07 August 2012

Melbourne here I come!

This post has sat here unwritten all day.
I keep getting distracted -----------> oooh shiny thing.  Even the not so shiny is distracting me today.
And I miss my kids.

I am 90% packed.
I am 100% printed.  Genealogy stuff printed, hotel bookings printed, bus tix printed.
I am 100% downloaded.  Boarding pass SMS'd......... what is with this weird arse modern technology!

And I miss my kids.

house is clean.
Email to exDH with reminders emailed.
Rubbish out.

And I miss my kids.

Medication collated.
Toothbrush at the ready.
A bit of lippy to brighten my mug.

And I miss my kids.

Remember to leave parking change in car with ticket.
Hope kids flight in arrives early so I can see them at airport.
Want to hold them and snuggle them before I leave.

I miss my kids.

This is a revelation.
I didn't think I would.
I am glad I do.

It is raining.
Must pack umbrella
and singlet.


Rachel from Redcliffe Style said...

I would be distracted by missing my girls too :) Rachel x

Trish said...

Yes, I miss my kids too . I am so easily distracted too. I hope you have a great time.

ClaireyHewitt said...

You are ready!

Carmen J said...

Remember to breathe hon!! xxx

Jess Newman said...

It's amazing how much our lives centre around our kids. My little man started preschool a few weeks ago, and I miss him so much.

Catherine said...

Enjoy your time in Melbourne!