04 August 2012

so quiet

Just like Bjork said, minus the falling in love bit naturally.

Kids have been gone since Wednesday and it is quiet, tidy, quiet and still.  Cats are stalking me and I think they miss the kids.
If I keep busy I am fine but if I let myself sit and do nothing I find myself waiting for one of them to come to me with something.

I need this break from parenting.  From being the only decision maker and pretty much responsible adult in their lives.

It gets exhausting always being THE ONE.

I am sorting my genealogy stuff ready for my research trip to Melbourne next week and catching up on sewing.

What do you with your child free time?


bachelormum said...

I love the calm, and the fact that I realize I really am very organized. Things tend to spill a lot when my daughter is with me and I'm constantly running after myself. Like you being the central adult I need that space ... But I also miss her terribly and feel only half myself, like a shag on a rock, when she's not with me ...

Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos said...

My child free time is generally used for cleaning (if I absolutely have to) or craft of some sort. I much prefer the craft; knitting, cross stitch, mosaic, or whatever else is stashed away in my craft cupboard. Oh, I would love to be able to do some now...... :|

Kebeni said...

i try to clean when kids aren't around as I remember my mum ALWAYS too busy cleaning. I sew/craft etc when the kids do

Kebeni said...

yes, I am really missing my two now. It has been long enough

bachelormum said...


Here is my comment on your TV blog. I dont' know what's happening but i always have trouble with comments connected to the disqus thing - it just won't register them ...

Here here! That is indeed a good poem - we listen to Mr Dahl's talking books in the care. But the overall difficulty is screen time in general - the other day I had an argument with my 7 year old who was watching tv (she's allowed sat morning and then evening movies on the weekend) while downloading games on my iPad!