27 August 2012

Unschool Monday

I love the diversity of our country.  The amazing array of cultures and food, oh the food!  
Yesterday we went to the 30th birthday celebrations of the Launceston Migrant Resource Centre.  It was awesome.  The colours were vibrant, the voices loud and the music even louder!

We were treated to an opera singer from Asia, drummers, African dancers, a Chinese Dragon and much more.

Did I mention the food!

There were about a dozen different food stalls from different countries cooking up their favourite dishes.  We got to sample Ethiopian donuts, Bhutanese Chana Dahl, samosa  and momo dumplings.  There was Eritrean coffee (I won't go back for seconds), Russian honey cake and an assortment of Malaysian sweets.  Pork buns, spring rolls and various curries.

This bought on a discussion of how many different countries foods had we all eaten.  Turns out it is quite a few.  Impressive considering we have never left the country!   This in turn bought on a discussion about Bhutan and why the Bhutanese were coming to Australia. We found this great website that gave us lots of info.

What sort of foods have you eaten?  What country has your favourite food?

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Sazz said...

Sounds like an awesome resource!

Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos said...

Did you say doughnuts???? ;)

Julie @The Useful Box said...

Hmm, must say I haven't been too adventurous with different foods, though I have eaten the Aussie versions of all the basics - Italian, Greek, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai etc... Thai is a bit of a favourite with me, though hubby prefers Italian.

Kebeni said...

oh Tracey they were delicious

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Lovely to find your blog :) perfect post too on food and diversity, very close to our hearts too. Our family love exploring new food while traveling and also here in Melbourne. Thai, Malay, Indian, afghani, Vietnamese, a highlight for the kids crickets in Cambodia!