17 August 2012

What I am knowing this week?

I know lots of stuff this week cos I went to the big smoke last week.

So, here is what I have learnt in Melbourne!

1. Dear Greenhouse backpackers, your idea of cleanliness and my idea of cleanliness are vastly different.
Also, you do not really need to have central heating set to a bazillion.
2. Heating set to a bazillion dries my face and head out in seconds flat and makes me sick.
3. Girl in coffee shop:  If I return coffee and state that it is undrinkable and WORSE coffee I have EVER tasted, Don't just say thanks and walk away!  This is NOT customer service of any kind.
4. Ladies of the Genealogy Society of Victoria rock!  What a great place and a great set up. I wish I could have spent more time with you.
5. State Library of Victoria should be open 24hrs as I could have spent that much time every day there.  It too rocks for the records it has available. 
6. Gopals is all kinds of awesome for vegan food
7. Shangahi Village still makes the best dumplings
8. and final food one, Your Thai does awesome cheap dumpling soup
9.  I miss public transport
10. the city smells.
11. Family history is all kinds of good but can be sad, frustrating and expensive.

OH AND 13.  Apparently you do need coffee in the after life!

joining Dorothy and Grace this week.



I don't think many people who work in retail or hospitality know what customer service is. I found you through Flog Yo Blog - love your blog. :)

carmen@musingnmayhem said...

I still giggle at the pic of the coffee...
And I've had stood there and asked for my money back for a bad coffee. *sigh*

Jules said...

wow, what belief is that? at first I thought asian with the food but theres a cross.
nice blog post :-)

Grace said...

Ooooh dumplings! I need to get me some of those :)

Kebeni said...

they are a fave here. We make them lots but can't beat shanghai village dumplings in Melb that is for sure

Kebeni said...

which one Jules? Gopals? That is hari krishna

Kebeni said...

i know, it is bizarre isn't it! I would have made more of an effort regarding returned coffee but was in a rush too

Kebeni said...

i agree Melissa. Thanks for following too

AParentingLife said...

So glad to know that coffee can be part of the afterlife. Such a relief there!

Dorothy @ Singular Insanity said...

Oh my goodness, look at all the supplies in there...!

I love Gopals, used to eat there when I worked in Melbourne, but that was ages ago. And I agree about the coffee, it's just not good enough. I once returned a coffee and was brought another one, just the same! I ended up walking out and not coming back.

Thanks for linking up with Thing I Know again. Love to have you playing along :-)