12 September 2012

he hates his sister

or so he says.
"why did you have another kid?"
"I wish I was an only child"
"who made the dumb decision to have another one?"

this is what he tells me all the time.

My Little Drummer Boys


carmen@musingnmayhem said...

You have one of those too?? *sigh* Sweet pic though!! x

Trish said...

Oh I hope not , great capture of a tender moment .

Mumabulous said...

I wouldn't want to mess with either of them.

kelli schultz said...

they are doing quite well!

kelli schultz said...

nah, they deny it but they are best of buddies.

kelli schultz said...

yes, but actions speak louder than words and even though they deny it they adore each other

anna Sonata said...

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