11 January 2007

catching up

Haven't been posting, not surprising as I have been so busy. Beren and I have been having fun with craft lately, he is very interested in what I do.

I have also had a couple of custom orders to do and still have a pile of soakers to finish.

Beren wanted to learn to knit but was finding it a bit difficult so I taught him to make pom-poms. He had great fun, although the cats destroyed a few LOL

These are some of the pom-pom's he made. Very colourful and he is very proud of them.

This is the gradient dye custom wool I got from FBF. It is gorgeous and I chose the merino. Super soft and beautiful to knit.
This is a custom order for a friend and Ali was so thoughtful that she did it in 2 balls as she knows I rarely knit in the round. I did the soaker as two pieces and grafted them together in the crotch. Knitting both front and back at the same time. The colours are divine and so vibrant, I just know the recipient will be rapt.

The finished product, ready to post.

This is another custom for a lady who won the Flock-Art voucher at last years nappy hunt. It is for her daughter and I decided to try out some embroidery to make it girly. I am really pleased with the end product as it is the first time I have done anything like that. The soaker is a nice purple merino and alpaca blend and I did a picot finish to the cuff.

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