14 January 2007

Dying day

I had a child free couple of hours so took advantage of it to do some dying. I dyed a couple of soakers and some yarn. I experimented wiht one soaker and did lanolin hand prints on it then dyed it . The lanolin repelled the dye so I was left with white handprints. Very messy and hard to get the excess lanolin out of the wool. I used koolaid as I had run out of other dyes.

The flavours used for this were mango, orange and a changing twist that started yellow and changed to green. I like the green as it has more of a folliage colour than the lemon lime. It reminded me of gladioli in mum's garden.

This is some merino that I used lemon/lime and orange on.

These are the pair that I experimented with. Still trying to get lanolin out of them LOL I used mango koolaid and I really like the colour

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