08 August 2007

Knitting Bag Challenge

OK Bec from Woolaholics
put out the challenge for everyone to take a pic of the contents of their knitting bags. I don't really have a fancy bag as I am a bit of a recycler (although I have been prompted to put out the call for one for my birthday to my mum). I did do a bit of a tidy up first and there were about a dozen balls of wool that I had been too lazy to put in the wool tubs in my cupboard.
The first pic is of the before. I keep this bag in a cupboard of the tv cabinet otherwise my cats would have a field day. And dare I say it? Frankly I don't trust my kids either LOL As you can see it is in need of a tidy up so thanks Bec :)

THis is the after shot of the cleanout.
The plastic bag at the back is full of the little scraps.
The one in front of that holds circs, dpneedles, sewing needles, tape, stitch holders, row and stitch markers etc,
the green and orange project is an unfinished pair of shorties,
The ghastly pink is a horrible polyester chenille type stuff that Nienna picked our for me to make her a cushion. It is just horrible to knit.
The mail tube is full of needles.
Purple cotton for some dish clothes I intend to make one day
Paper patterns from the net that haven't made it back into my filing cabinet.
Oh and a beany I didn't realise was in the bottom of the bag.

This is a pic of my spot light adventure. the Rustica is an acrylic blend but I liked the colours so thought I would do a hat for me if I ever get time. the orangy one is a gorgeous soft 100% wool and the patons caressa at the end is lovely too and I am going to do a hat for Beren I think. THe wool that looks blue is actually purple and I think green and purple looks great together. Not the greatest wool but still okay. I wish there had been more bamboo circs, alas only one pair but guess who got 'em!

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