23 September 2007

Fabric Stash

After being given 8 large boxes of fabric and roughly sorting through it (and passing 2 boxes on) I decided it was time to really get stuck into it and tidy up my sewing space. I got 3 more cane baskets off freecycle today and swapped some around with the kids toy baskets so I had some bigger ones for fabric. The new stuff plus what I already had makes an overwhelming collection. Now to find the time to actually sew :)

This basket has plain and print cotton/ cottonblends

Half a drawer of textured fabrics such as wool, satins,silks and lace

the other half of the drawer with garments I have bought at opshops for the fabric they are made of

Used to be nappy fabrics but now either redundant or used for pads. PUL and hemp and mosly fleece

The last of the chenille bedspreads, will have to keep a look out for some more as they are great for
kids pants

This is mostly suede cloth, velour type stuff

This is the fabric I have been given so far towards my 40th quilt. I decided that I would make myself a quilt for my 40th birthday and asked all my friends to contribute some fabric that they thought was me.

fleece, windcheater material and other stretchy stuff

remnants of craft stuff

just plain ugly stuff LOL

Waiting to be finished or mended pile

My tidied space

More tidy shelves

Obviously doesn't know what curiosity does!

Four more boxes of fabric that I am unsure what to do with at this stage. Can I be bothered ebaying it? Anyone in Melb want to come and go thru them and take what they want?

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