22 September 2007

pass the antihistamines please

Half way through mowing my lawn. Thankfully it is not a huge job but well overdue. Mind you, bigger thanks to the mower for kacking it halfway through LOL

Had another B12 shot yesterday, a bigger one than before and felt rather ill as a result but today I am feeling the effects. I am so amazed that something so simple can provide me such relief. Mind you I know I will be sore tonight after doing lawns. :(

I am in a quiet and winding down kinda mood atm. I did take kids to park yesterday and met with a friend there. We are working on a project together (Mothers Living Well) so caught up to chat about that. Otherwise, not much happening. I will sign off at Yarrunga on 4 Oct and that will be it. I feel my time is over there and am grateful for the opportunities and the people I have met but it is definitely time to move on.

I am going to look into another program in Ringwood and see if I can do some volunteer hours to check it out. It is called Starting Out and is a resource run by Connections (Uniting Church) for mums under 25 (although most are teens) during pregnancy and post birth. This area of work really interests me and is something I can see myself doing.

have Ella coming over this week for 2days so we can finish up our major assignment and then I have a couple of bits to do for my presentation and that will be it for assignments. They will all be done. WOOHOO!!!!!!!

To end on a funny note:

Beren this morning in bed after being elbowed by Nienna:

"Nienna! You hit me with .....(pause) your ....(pause)....... ankle on your arm!"

Conversation with Nienna at 7am yesterday morning:
Me: "Nienna, go to sleep it is too early!"
Nienna: " I am asleep mum!"
Me4: "Ahh, no you're not asleep"

Nienna: "Yes I am! Look at my eyes, they're closed!"

Give me strength!

Oh, and Nienna's latest word creation: EGGPILOT - yes, it is an omelette :)

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