04 September 2007

feeling sad

I am feeling sad today. First reason is one I don't really want to go into online and the next is one I have been pondering since leaving class this afternoon.

We had a guess speaker today in our welfare class, Donna King She works for VACRO which is the Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders. She spoke of her time in the prison system and told some horrendous stories, then spoke of case studies she has worked on (without names of course). I have come away feel saddened by it all and somewhat confused on my views of the system andhow it works. I also feel sad as I have just heard of the news that an acquaintance of mine thru school is currently being held in remand and this has really affected me as I know how hard he was working towards making a positive future for himself. My heart goes out to him tonight.
I like this picture of healing light.......

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