06 September 2007

some puzzling thougths

Tonight I had to go to the supermarket (well now or with children tomorrow, no brainer really) and I was browsing through the cold and flu products and vitamins etc. Now what I would like to know is, why do Lemsip have a product called 'Cold & Flu relief capsule' - contains 500mg of paracetemol. Then they have 'Cold & Flu relief capsule - non drowsey' - contains 500mg of paracetemol. Hmmmmmmm, same ingredients so what makes one non drowsey? Perhaps you take one product in the morning and the other product at bed time? What is even worse is that you are paying close to $7.00 for the luxury. I am not even going to query how paracetemol can cure your cold. Besides this, on the next shelf you can by Panadol, herron or homebrand PARACETEMOL (500mg) for around $2.00. Ahhhhhhh, but it doesn't have a lemon on the front so it mustn't be for colds.

** I forgot to mention a real doozy in the marketing bloopers. Nyal nasal spray! Now this is just a saline spray basically made up water, salt and bi-carb. Two types drowsy and non drowsy, go figure!!!**

I came home to a lovely surprise parcel on my door step. The beautiful Mel Baker sent me a gorgeous Body Shop vanilla gift box and some beautiful fabric to go towards my birthday quilt for my birthday. I am so spoilt,. I have also received two books from my brother. They are written by a Tasmanian Writer, Patsy Crawford. The first is 'Blood of A Distant Island' and the other is 'God Bless Little Sister'
Haven't started either yet as I am still ploughing thru "The Michael Palin Diarys- The Python Years"
Looking at that link I am pretty pleased with myself as I picked up a copy on the discount trolley at KMart for $10 cos it had a mark on the cover.

Speaking of birthdays, I am having one soon. :) I have 1 more day of being thirty something. I still think there must be a mix up as I am not old enough to be 40 yet.

Some of the things I am glad I did before I turned 40:

  • skydived
  • watched the sun come up while eating fresh croissants on the way home from a BIG night out (often)
  • sat on Bondi beach with friends, a cask of cheap and nasty red and a pizza
  • had my kids
  • returned to study
  • learnt to meditate
  • met the people I consider my friends and love dearly
just to name a few.
I was going to put a baby photo of me on here but I think they must still be on my old computer. I was a cutie and it is spooky how much Beren looked like me as a baby.

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