10 October 2007

ahhh spring

Was a lovely day today. Unfortunately I didn't spend alot of time out in the sunshine but I did get heaps done today. I have been secretly rolling my eyes at those who say they are spring cleaning, then to my complete horror I realised this afternoon that I have been doing that exact thing for the past week or so. OMG!!!!! I fear I am turning into my mother. YIKES!!

Yes, I moved the spare room around and tidied, discarded and tidied some more. It is looking very organised and smick right now. I say spare room but it actually has a pullout sofa, all my fabric, sewing table and 'stuff', a double pantry cupboard with past files, admin stuff, craft and homeschool materials, shelves with clear plastic shoe boxes filled with my yarn stash plus various other bits and bobs. It feels so much better now it is organised and looking presentable.

I have also sorted out the other various wardrobes in the house to better accommodate our things. Today, I gave the linen press a huge clean out and now have a pile of stuff waiting to be listed on freecycle.

Hmmmm, what else. I had to give a presentation on Monday about the WAHM Expo. I was predictably nervous about getting up and speaking the required 20min. WOW! Did I sure surprise myself. I spoke for 30min, answered all questions and got top marks. I feel so proud of myself. I was nervous but because I knew the subject inside out and felt so passionate about the expo it came easy to me. I ended up putting my notes down and just talked, following my powerpoint screens.

I have just sent off my application for concurrent study of a Diploma of Sustainability. It is one year and mostly online but will complement my current study beautifully.
I have also started applying for part time jobs so wish me luck! I hope to get something that I can do 2-3days a week and use as my placement next year.

Tomorrow I am volunteering at ERMHA Mental Health Week Fun Day. I can take the kids and they can play in the Petting Farm or on the Jumping castle while i stand around chatting and directing people. One of my teachers works in mental health and asked for volunteers so most of the class are going to be there.

Anyway, best get back to the job applications I am meant to be writing. Till next time..........later............

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