07 October 2007

Thru the looking glass

My kids crack me up. I wish I wrote things down as they were said because I forget so much. If Nienna ends up on stage I will not be surprised, she is such a performer and often has Beren in hysterics. The other day I had to stand at the toilet door waiting for her.
This is the conversation that ensued:

Nienna - "guess what I am doing mum?"
Me - "ummm, a wee?"
Nienna -"No! guess what I am doing"
Me - "yes, a wee?"
Nienna - "No you have to say a poo"
Me (slightly confused) - "ok"
Nienna - "alright, I'll ask you again. Guest what I am doing mum?"
Me - "ummm, gee. A poo?"
Nienna - "ahhhhhh, nooooooooooo! I am doing a wee! You're wrong!" (in hysterical laughter by now)
Me - "oh wow, how did I get that wrong. You must have tricked me!"

I signed off at Yarrunga on Thursday. I feel a sense of relief now that it is all over there. I am excited about starting at Connections as a volunteer with their starting out program and look forward to the challenges and learning experiences it will bring with it. Am now just waiting for my Working with children check to be returned. I will be volunteering on a Wed arvo as co-facilitator of the new mums group. If I like it and it is what I expected I might put in for my 2nd yr placement there.

I think I have finally found my 'reason for being'. In all my years I have never felt like what I have been doing is 'my ' thing IYKWIM But now I think I have finally fallen into it. Perhaps I needed some more life experience before I could do a good job, and I actually think I am good at this. I certainly enjoy it and feel that this is it. It is a good feeling and I am amazed that I can actually feel or think like this.

This week is a busy one. I have a 20min presentation on Monday about my placement and the expo. Then I have classes all day Tuesday, presenting a case study in the welfare one. On Wednesday I have a meeting in the morning with a lady from the Yarra Ranges Business Development Support who is interested in continuing the WAHM Expo as an annual event and wants to discuss it with me. I also have a LETS meeting that night as I have committed to being the minutes taker as a way to earn tokens. Hoping to take kids to Bendigo on either Thur or Fri. Andrew and Beren can go to the science centre and Nienna and I can go to Bendigo Woollen Mills :P and pottery.

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