19 October 2007


So, do you read other blogs? How do you read them?
I use google reader and think it is great and I am a great blog fan. Some to inform myself and others to keep up with what people are doing or because their words inspire me.

These are blogs I currently have subscribed to:

A Journey of Joy
Always Looking Forward an old friend who I like to keep up with, plus she has a gorgeous bub to look at
Apple & Sunshine Two more gorgeous babies and their incredible journey
At the bottom of the garden I often am inspired by some of the writings
azure of suburbia another friend whose words I love reading
baker brats fellow mama
barenest another natural parent
because I said so this mum has become world famous and I love the laughter she brings to all who read her
Belinda Moore wise mama, homeschooler
big yarn mama cool knitter
brooke's insight wise words from a young mum
come learn with us my homeschooling blog
consumption rebellion this friend is amazing. I love this blog
down-to-earth another great enviro blog
dyelicious addictions ahhh colour and yarn, what more could we want really
etsy shop for kattwings great Tasmanian yarn dyer
flock-art my knitting/sewing/crafting blog
garden to plate Lucky's farm recipes
girl with kaleidoscope eyes dying genius
hipbubbymama some more great reading from a fellow mama
home grown Bel Moore's farm, Utopia in the making
kate's ramble Another mama and plastic queen
katts creative knitting corner Katts yarns creations
knit glob gorgeous knitting creations
knit me pretty another knitting artist
knit with KT Knitter from the US
knitty knotty knoo and yes more knitting
kurashi ok, not a knitter, but nice pics
liam and ewan's world fellow homeschooler
lolsecretz this is wrong but oh so funny
lucky's duck farm great for gardening tips and ideas
majikfaerie I love this blog as it challenges my thoughts so much
melissabaker.com awesome web designer
monsterknits blog yup, another knitting artist
my knitting box this is Lucky's farm knitter
navelgazing midwife beautiful words
on the baa bum needles artist of the yarn too
otherways:home education network as the title says
our learning life another homeschool blog. Not updated often unfortunately
our red house great pics
over the rainbow crochet gorgeous crocheter and fellow mama
seeking asylum down under activist sight
siobhan fellow mama and student
suit101:aboriginal rights blog self explanatory really
the jammed news blog for the movie the Jammed
the parenting pit another unschooling parent who challenges my thoughts.
the photo blog of susan d'arcy awesome photographer and friend
time to get serious bottom of the garden author and her physical journey that inspires me immensely.
urban rat girl I love urban rat girl
weirdomatic totally weird stuff and great
and to end on a happy note, more yarn creations

Not sure if anyone actually reads this but if you do and have a blog, I put the challenge out to list the ones you read!

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Bel said...

What a fascinating list of blogs! I have failed to subscribe to any, but try to keep up with my friends' blogs semi-regularly.