13 October 2007

More of Bendigo

Some more of Bendigo. I loved the old buildings, the architecture is just amazing and I wish I could have walked around.

These were taken from where we parked the car at the park. Not sure what the buildings are or were. There was also an amazing church on our way into the city but there was nowhere for me to stop to take a decent picture without having to walk any distance. Oh well, next time.

I really loved the town and want to go back and see some more. Mind you it isn't the easiest place to navigate and all those roundabouts!

Beren and his dad went to the Discovery Centre and had a ball. Nienna and I did the woollen mills and the pottery then went back and spent 1/2hr at the Discovery Centre.

I think we will get the train next time and spend a day.

kids being goofy, that is their dads' arm

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