22 October 2007

Busy week

Another busy week ahead for me. This morning I had a meeting for the mothers living well project I am working on as a volunteer. Then I have a committee meeting at Glen Park Community Centre at 5pm and a job interview at Japara House at 8pm. I am also trying to get an essay started that is due next week.

Tomorrow I have classes from 9am-6pm which really is exhausting.

Wed I will work on an assignment for much of the day
Thursday I am taking the kids to see Paul Jamieson perform in the morning and I know there is more but I can't be bothered getting my diary to look.

I also have a sprained ankle which is annoying me. I am hobbling and in pain.

Yesterday was a scorcher here in Melb and I am dreading summer once again. I really don't handle the heat well. We just relaxed in side for the most part but after my children decided it was a good idea to get the ink pad and put hand and foot prints ALL OVER THE DINING ROOM FLOOR I thought it would be a good idea to go outside for a bit. Luckily I have polished boards and got to the 'artwork' fast enough that I got it all off. I was not impressed I can tell you.
They did make up for it by entertaining me in the afternoon to a circus performance that was hilarious.

Nienna has been coming out with some doozies lately. The other day she was going around with a measuring tape and measuring things. She turned to me an said "OMG Mum! this bench is 30engines long!" um, that would be inches sweetie LOL

I should write them as they happen because I forget them all so easily and they are so cute.

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Bel said...

Nienna cracks me up!

You're too busy lately, girl, slow down!